Events Calendar

Events Calendar 2015

Feb 6: Bozeman Schools Foundation Blue Jean Friday

February 9 - 13th – Worthy Student Fundraising mailer out to WS donors

Feb 15: SundayFUNDay at the Bozeman Brewing Company

Feb 20: Team Registration Deadline: 8th Annual Adult Spelling Bee

Feb 26: Willson Auditorium Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

March – 2 - 6 (TBD): Online Application for Names Scholarships open, announcement out to BHS 

March 2 – 6: Cashman Rinker Online Application open and announcement out to District

Mar 20: 8th Annual Adult Spelling Bee at the Hilton Garden Inn

April 3: Named Scholarships/Cashman Rinker applications close

April 15: Worthy Student Recipients announced

April 20: Worthy Student photo shoot with Lifetouch TBD

April 20 – 24: Announce Named scholarships & Cashman Rinker to recipients in person

May 21: Named Student Scholarship Breakfast

May 24: Worthy Student Chronicle insert

May 27: Excellence in Education Banquet - MSU SUB

June 2015: BSF Schoolsupplies Fundraiser deadline

June 2015: Apple Awards

Sep 2015: Links to Literacy

Nov 2015: Spark Grants

Dec 2015: Apple Awards